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June 30, 2010

A Clean Grady Is a Happy Grady!

Tips for cleaning cushions, seats, canvas, exterior surfaces and nonskid on your Grady-White boat

Cleaning the nonskid

Nonskid decks and exterior
Key words to remember for boat cleaning and all exterior washing: mild detergent and regular cleaning. Heavy cleansers and bleaches can damage gelcoats, so a quick wash and clean up after every outing is the very best way to keep your Grady-White maintained beautifully. Grady-Whites are designed so that clean up is a snap! Every Grady-White has a glass liner and is self-bailing so rinse water drains overboard by force of gravity through big scuppers. When you need a bit of extra cleaning power for cockpit surfaces, use just a little bit of bleach as necessary. Clean exterior surfaces and gelcoat with a soft brush and mild household detergent. The same goes for seat cushions: use a soft cloth or brush and mild detergent—you'll get good results—and you'll have a boat to be even more proud of! You should store or cover exterior cushions when not in use.

Steam Cleaning Interior Cushions
What is the best way to clean your interior cabin cushions? Hot water extraction, better known as "steam cleaning," is a good method. In the past we've suggested dry cleaning but that requires removing the fabric cover from the foam form and can be a more difficult task. You do not have to remove the covers when steam cleaning. For minor stains, most over-the-counter upholstery cleaners do a good job as well.

Vinyl, Canvas and Isinglass
Canvas on your Grady-White is made of a woven acrylic fabric that is water repellent, mildew resistant, and UV resistant. Canvas covers should be cleaned regularly. Saltwater leaves behind a residue that holds moisture on the surface that eventually can result in mildew.

When cleaning canvas, first brush off any loose dirt or soil and wash with a solution of soap and warm water. Avoid detergent-based soaps, as the detergent may damage the finish. Sudbury, Lux, Ivory or similar soaps are good to use, as are liquid dishwashing soaps. Immediately after washing, rinse the canvas thoroughly with cool water to remove soap residue.

The clear vinyl on your canvas requires gentle care. Do not use strong detergents. For stubborn stains use either vinegar and water or denatured alcohol with a soft cloth. Let the vinyl dry thoroughly. Never use any product that is abrasive or contains petroleum on clear vinyl. Sometimes the clear vinyl on your canvas can become "cloudy" or "milky" colored from exposure to moisture during storage. This happens because the clear vinyl or "isinglass" is somewhat porous. The easiest way to avoid this cloudiness is to let the vinyl dry; direct exposure to sunlight works best.

One Grady customer's idea for storing canvas covers is to wrap them around a pool noodle.

After washing your canvas covers, be sure to dry thoroughly. (Do not dry your marine canvas in your laundry dryer, however, and never dry clean marine canvas.) Do not fold or store the canvas while it's wet. You can apply a water-repellant coating to the canvas to help keep it in good condition.

For more info about keeping your Grady clean and other tips, check out Boat, Sweet Boat!

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Nathan Moran, a professional boat detailer, discusses Grady-White’s superior quality, durability and ease of maintenance.

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