April 27, 2011

Put on your best Grady Smile!

There's a new video featuring the big smiles on the faces of Grady-White families enjoying great Grady days on their boats. Put on your Grady face, and send us pictures of your big smile!
Grady Smiles

What’s in Your
Onboard Toolbox?

As an owner of a Grady-White, you are fortunate to likely not experience a mechanical emergency while on the water. Having tools at hand is still a good idea!

Tool Kit

As every good scout knows, “Be Prepared” is a wise motto in life and that goes for The Grady Life, too! Your dealership service department can help get your toolbox stocked, and refer to your owner’s manual for more specific information. Here’s a list of tools, supplies and spare parts to keep aboard preferably in an airtight moisture resistant marine toolbox:

  • Flashlight and batteries/bulb
  • Screwdrivers, slotted and Phillips head
  • Wrenches, adjustable and mini
  • Pliers, double jointed/tongue & groove and needle nose
  • Wire cutters (for crab pot lines, etc.)
  • Multi-tool pocketknife
  • Duct tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Zip ties (assorted)
  • Assorted fuses and fuse puller (tube or wafer)
  • Assorted light bulbs (including for running lights)
  • Fuel pump, filter and container for drainage
  • Fuel/water separator filter (one per engine)
  • Transom drain plug (especially for trailered boats)
  • Prop and prop wrench (round)
  • Voltmeter and connectors (#8 round)
  • Hose clamps (#20)

To go the extra nautical mile, perhaps more to assist others who are not running a reliable Grady, 50-foot towlines are handy to have aboard. Towing insurance provides additional peace of mind. Keep phone numbers handy. Be prepared to enjoy many great Grady days!

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Grady-White Owners’ Club of the Month
Lake Erie Club
The Lake Erie Grady-White Owners’ Club is featured this month. See the Grady Owners’ Club area at gradywhite.com to read about this Ohio group, and locate the club nearest you. Check out upcoming events and join in on the fun!

New Owner
Skype Talk

Skype Talk Express 305 owner Bill Sturgeon tells us what he likes about his new Grady.

Charter Capt.
John Raguso

John Raguso
Six Grady-Whites, a thousand trips off New York’s Long Island–see why John Raguso relies on Gradys to put his customers on the fish and come back safe.

Grady Families
Evan Karrs
Evan Karrs likes the aft seat of his family’s 192 that originally belonged to his grandfather and now is enjoyed by the next generations. To see more pictures of families enjoying their Grady-Whites, visit here.

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