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August 31, 2011

The Efficiency Factor: Using Your Fuel System Properly

Grady-White’s great riding SeaV hull combined with today’s lightweight yet powerful 4-stroke outboard engines create a superior combination that is as reliable and efficient as boating has ever been. Whether your aim is a day fishing offshore, or pulling the kids around on tow toys, or just finding a secluded anchorage, a few common sense guidelines and knowing how to use your fuel system properly will help make sure that your family's days on the water are as clean, safe, efficient and fun as possible.

Fuel tank filling
(Consult your Owner's Manual for more details.)
  1. Tanks are filled at fill connections located along the gunwale. Be sure your tank key is where you can find it and it’s a good idea to attach it to something that floats.
  2. Before fueling, shut down the engines and turn off the battery select switches.
  3. Close ports, hatches and compartments to prevent fumes from accumulating.
  4. No smoking and keep a fire extinguisher handy.
  5. Remove the fuel tank cap. Attend the fueling operation until it is completed.
  6. Listen for a change in pitch as the tank fills so you know when the tank is nearly full and you can shut off the nozzle to prevent spills.
  7. Check for leaks and clean up well.
  8. Ventilate ports, windows and hatches and conduct a "sniff test" to ensure you don’t have lingering fumes.
  9. Turn the battery select switches back on and start the engine(s).

Ensure the boat is properly trimmed and the
weight is distributed evenly.

Running your Grady-White efficiently
  1. Familiarize yourself with your boat and engine performance (reports are available on every model at Run your engine at optimum cruise speed as listed in the specifications in order to use fuel efficiently.
  2. Lighten the load. If you’re just going for the afternoon, you don’t have to carry enough gear for a long cruise. Drain the livewells at the end of the day for the run back in.
  3. Distribute the weight and the passengers in the boat evenly.
  4. Today’s Grady-Whites are equipped with sophisticated fuel monitoring. Watch your gauges and you’ll get optimal efficiency.
  5. Adjust your trim tabs for proper running trim.
  6. A clean boat (especially the bottom) is a more efficient boat.

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Club conference a wonderful event.
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2011 Club Conference
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2011 CSI Award
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