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We aim for every customer to be completely satisfied with his or her overall ownership experience. That's a lofty goal, to be sure, and one which requires both a superior dealer network and an unfailing commitment from the plant. But we have a process involving customers on every level, formally and informally, to ensure a two-way street between you and Grady-White, and between you and Grady-White dealers.

Ongoing Surveys
One way we learn about customer satisfaction levels is through our regular surveys. We conduct surveys after 30 days from purchase, after one year, and we are working on life cycle surveys to understand fully a customer's relationship with us. We survey every new boat customer. Kris Carroll and upper management read every single response. When a customer is not satisfied with an individual item, we follow up to ask why.

Ongoing Communications
There is always a channel of communication open via our website, www.gradywhite.com. You can also reach our full time Customer Relations employees directly by phone or mail, or via the Internet at custserv@gradywhite.com. Their only job is to help ensure your highest level of satisfaction and answer your questions. Our quarterly newsletter, Anchorline, is available on our website and is mailed out to all Grady owners. The Anchorline lists owners events, has a regular column from our Customer Relations department to answer FAQs, plus new product information along with boating, fishing and general interest tips. Best of all, there are letters, photos and e-mails from Grady fans that encourage real camaraderie.

Tournaments, Cruises and Clubs
There are well over 40 different Grady-White owners' events around the country every year, from one-day fishing tournaments to week-long cruises. Owners' clubs around the country have regular meetings and outings, and support good causes like taking kids fishing, and sponsor a variety of meeting speakers who share boating experiences. If there is not yet an active Grady-White club in your area, we'll do our best to help you start one.

Owners' Forums, Plant Tours
Owners' forums take place quarterly at different places around the country. We usually meet with 25-35 owners in an informal format, our aim being to involve customers in product decisions through direct face-to-face communication. And you are always invited to visit us for a plant tour. Customers are always reassured when they see the care with which we build Grady-Whites. Call and come visit us in Greenville, North Carolina!

Customer relations start with the dealership.

Grady gear

Every Grady-White club sponsors fun get-togethers. Some enjoy conservation events like turtle releases.