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Dealer Network

A Grady-White Dealer Is Special
Grady-White's dealer network is structured solely for the purpose of serving our customers better. Our dealers are the finest quality you will find anywhere. We know these men and women and their employees and families personally, and several of the dealerships are among the oldest and most respected in the country.

Customer Satisfaction Index
We are confident our dealers provide excellent service because Grady-White owners tell us so. Each year we ask new boat owners to rate their experiences with their dealerships in categories including delivery, service, and overall satisfaction. Grady-White dealer CSI scores consistently rank tops in the country. Dealers with the highest CSI ratings are awarded for Service Excellence at our annual dealer conference. Dealers with exceptional performance in sales and service are members of Grady's prestigious Admiral's Circle.

Industry Leaders
Grady-White has always been a leader in helping standardize measurements of customer satisfaction with products and dealers throughout the boating industry. Our former Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Doug Gomes, (now Senior Advisor/Market Development) was chairman of NMMA's Customer Satisfaction Index Committee which worked to make standardized customer satisfaction information available to you, the customer, so you have the opportunity to make a more informed buying decision.

Approachable and Knowledgeable
A Grady-White dealer is a true professional and a great source of information for you to rely on in your quest for happy boating adventures. Dealers and their staff regularly attend product training seminars and are readily available to answer any question you have about your boat.

Keeping You on the Water and in a Grady
The service departments of our dealerships can assist you with all of your boat maintenance needs. Many dealers also sponsor tournaments and events for your family's enjoyment. And when you are ready for a new boat, ask them about your resale value. You'll be glad you got the Grady!

Dealership sales force attend product knowledge seminars.

Our dealer conference focuses on delivering the best customer service.

Dealer sponsored owners' tournaments, get-togethers, and cruises are highlights of owning a Grady.