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In-House Designers and Engineers
The people who design Grady-Whites are boaters themselves who use the products on a regular basis. We always return from a day of boating with a notebook full of ideas. Customer relations, product marketing, engineering and production are all seamlessly linked, resulting in owner-friendly designs and customer-oriented features. Our mechanical engineers and structural engineers are experienced men and women--nothing gets by without their approval.

CAD/CAM Precision
Everything from hull shape to engine control placement is designed on computers using systems so precise that measurements are within thousandths of an inch. Frame designs are sent directly from the CAD system to our computer-controlled router to ensure parts meet Grady-White fit and finish standards.

In-House Craftsmen
Though Grady-White hasn't sold a wooden boat since the '60s, our boat designs are built in wood by true craftsmen prior to actual production. From these wood plugs, fiberglass molds are made. The smooth finishes on hull sides and the fit and finish throughout a Grady-White are results of this extraordinary craftsmanship.

World-Class Expertise
Since 1989, the leading edge naval architectural firm of C. Raymond Hunt Associates has designed Grady-White running bottoms and advised us on structure and materials. Today, all Grady-Whites have Hunt hulls and Hunt is associated exclusively with Grady-White in our product category. We regularly call upon other world-class structural engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists, even ergonomics experts, to enhance our in-house experience.

Testing In-House and Offshore
Grady-White testing involves everything from stress testing laminates to corrosion testing batches of stainless steel. But perhaps the best testing lies right outside our doors in North Carolina's famous Pamlico Sound and beyond to the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. We engineer our boats to perform tough and to look great even years from now when you're ready to move up.

Electrical systems check

Computerized router precision

Wood plugs are built by craftsmen.

Laminates are tested for strength.