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The Right Laminates
Whether we utilize a traditional glass laminate or one of today's new composites or core materials depends on the application. No matter which laminate we select, Grady-White's extensive in-house testing and direct testing offshore assure durability and a great resale value, too.

316 Stainless Steel Hardware
Our 316 grade stainless steel hardware costs more than the industry standard 306 grade because it contains expensive nickel and chromium in the alloy, plus molybdenum. Cast parts are then passivated in an acid bath to remove casting impurities, then buffed, then passivated and buffed again. We test sample batches in our "instant ocean" salt bath. The result is hardware that's strong and durable after years in a saltwater environment.

Resin Transfer Molding
Resin transfer molding parts like fish box lids, hardtops and bow pulpits are solid fiberglass parts. RTM is especially important for fish box lids because the smooth surface is much easier to clean up than the rough glass painted surfaces or the lids found on competitive products.

Stainless Through-Hull Fittings
No material is stronger and more durable over the long term than the stainless steel used on all Grady-White through-hull fittings. Stainless is impervious to UV rays that can affect plastics, and stays brighter looking.

Polyethylene Trimwork and Toe Rails
Super strong and super durable, polyethylene trimwork and toe rails are low maintenance and will look as good as new in the years to come.

Composite Core for Wide Beams
To get the added stiffness we demand on our wide beam models, hulls have composite foam cored sides. The composite coring between the glass laminates gives added strength, much like the spreaders between bridge I-beams.

Materials tested tough for lasting value

316 stainless steel hardware

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