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Safety First
There is no more important issue in boat building than safety and security. So we "overbuild" every boat; we "overdo" every detail. Because the sea does not compromise. Every Grady-White we deliver is National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) product certified and NMMA type accepted, and demonstrates adherence to American Boating and Yachting Council (ABYC) standards.

Certified Safe
Check the NMMA certification tag on a Grady-White and you'll see either level or basic flotation. Level flotation is required on boats under 20 feet but not required on larger boats. While competitive boats claim to have "foam" they often don't have enough for basic flotation. Our boats have enough foam to prevent the boat, motor and listed capacity of people from sinking.

One of First to Receive Marine Industry Certification (MIC)
The NMMA and the Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA) have jointly developed a certification program for the entire marine industry. MIC certified products are manufactured to the highest standards and provide a mechanism for customer feedback to ensure a more enjoyable ownership experience. Grady-White is one of the first companies in the industry to seek and obtain the MIC certification-one more reason to be happy with your Grady-White.

More Than Just Enough
Flotation isn't a hit or miss issue at Grady-White. You can be assured of a larger measure of foam over the minimum requirement, as much as forty percent more. We have a custom made certification tag especially for us because yachts over 26 feet generally have not had a basic flotation feature. Every Grady-White is built to the highest standards of the ABYC.

Tremendous Strength and Solid Feel
Closed cell polyurethane foam won't absorb water so even if there is a hole in the boat, water stays out of the foam-filled compartments. The foam, which adheres to the stringers, acts as a spreader between the beam stringers, adding strength and deadening sound for a quieter ride.

Engineered to Feel Secure
Solid, foam-filled security is complemented by interior features like handholds, high interior gunwales, wide walkarounds, safety glass windshields, and diamond pattern nonskid decks that are easier on the feet and easy to clean, too. Even a first time boater will feel confident in a Grady-White.

Every Grady-White provides level or basic flotation, ensuring unsinkable safety.

Foam expands and adheres to stringer sides.

Through-bolted handholds ensure safety.

Safety glass windshields