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Our fish boxes are big and open wide. And count the number of rods that can be stored on a Grady-White! Tackle drawers and boxes keep gear ready. Bait tanks built in above the cockpit floor keep fishermen off their knees. That's attention to detail that comes only from real experience.

Hanging Anchor Lockers
The first thing to do when you are in trouble at sea is to throw out the anchor. So an anchor locker at the bow is a safety issue, not a matter of convenience.

Gas Tank Lids, Remote Oil Fills
Aluminum tanks require a method to check them periodically or remove them if needed. When we use aluminum tanks for the big tank capacity they provide (tanks less than 80 gallons are polyurethane), we always go the extra mile and provide a separate gas tank lid. Remote oil fills on many models are a cleaner and easier answer to what can be a messy job.

Easy-to-Maintain Rigging Areas
On a Grady-White you can actually check your batteries, change your fuel filters and get to your oil tanks to change their filters without doing a contortion act. And all the rigging and cables are in PVC tubing foamed into the stringer system.

Bulk Storage
Under the berths, in the deck wings, under the seat, on the shelves in the cabin, under the sink-everywhere you look, we've maximized space.

Electronics Storage
Every Grady-White has big electronics boxes at the helm and extra boxes in hardtops and T-tops. There's usually a large flat area to mount even more.

Center Consoles
Larger center console models have stand-up heads with hanging storage, and all have lockable doors to secure gear.

Drink Holders
You can't catch a fish and hold a drink. You can't drive a boat and hold a drink. You can't cleat a line and hold a drink. We know. We've tried. So, there are drink holders all around the boat.

Built-in boxes keep cockpit clear.

Anchor at the bow for safety

Ample cabin/galley storage (330 shown)

Electronics boxes, under foot storage, drink holders