Adding dual consoles, center consoles to create the right boats for every family. And satisfaction grows at another Grady Fest!

In contrast to many builders in the industry, Grady-White was active in the 2010 model year, introducing two completely new models (the Freedom 255 and Fisherman 230), reintroducing another (Freedom 192) and completely revamping an old favorite, the Fisherman 209 (formerly named the Escape 209).

During the 2010 model year, Grady-White made the decision to change the name of many of the models in order to help customers understand the fundamental functions of the boats. Thus all the dual consoles were re-named as the “Freedom Series,” to indicate versatility; all the center consoles 25 feet and less in size became the “Fisherman Series” to indicate their primary use, and all the center consoles over 25 feet became the “Canyon Series,” as they are often used to run well offshore.

Back in 1993, Grady-White took advantage of a long legacy in building great 19-footers with the introduction of the dual console Tournament 192, one of the company’s most popular models until it was discontinued. Due to demand and requests for a versatile, high-value coastal 19-foot boat, Grady-White re-introduced the Freedom 192 for the 2010 model year: a classic Grady updated with so many of the improvements that the company has incorporated into the line every model year. Watch the 192 video.

Mid-year in the 2010 model year, Grady introduced the company’s tenth center console offering, the Fisherman 230. The 8'6"-beam, 23-foot beauty was packed with well-conceived new features and new ideas on the use of the available space including an aft cockpit that is actually roomier than those of many 25-foot boats, a clever removable cooler that doubles as forward seating, a stand-up head area in the console, and a handsome, well-engineered optional T-top integrated into the console structure.

In March, the Grady faithful from all over gathered again, this time in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, for two days of beautiful weather at the second Grady Fest. Parties kicked things off and seminars on everything from technical detail of Grady design to cooking aboard, along with Owners’ Clubs and owner idea exchanges and socializing, made for a wonderful event. Watch a slideshow of the 2010 Grady Fest.

Spring came and Grady-White introduced yet another dual console model, for the upcoming 2011 model year, this one with a stand-up head—the “ultimate in versatility” Freedom 255. For coastal and big-water boating, Grady-White’s increasingly popular dual consoles began redefining family recreation for a new generation by capitalizing on the Grady-White heritage of building the safest, best-riding, highest quality boats in their categories, and by enhancing design and features that provided enormous versatility and recreational freedom. Watch the 255 video.

Also starting off the 2011 model year, in midsummer Grady-White responded to customer requests by completely revamping the Fisherman 209, a popular 8'1"-beam 20-foot center console that included a much roomier head area as well as deck-level access all the way to the bow of the boat plus a redesigned helm and electronics area and an optional T-top that was handsomely integrated into the console.