New Grady Owners’ Clubs and a national club commodores’ meeting and idea exchange help customers enjoy the Grady Life. Plus more new products!

EXPRESS 330 Hardtop The bonds that Grady-White has built with customers over the years pay dividends whenever our customers step aboard a Grady-White or wherever they gather. That fact was evident in Miami and in New England and many other winter and spring boat shows in 2011, with new Grady White Owners’ Clubs being planned all around the country. And that wasn’t all going on at the shows. Attendance was up and folks were gathering to see the new Freedom 255, the Fisherman 230, the updated Fisherman 209 and of course the awesome Canyon 366 and other models. There was also a new hardtop enclosure for the Express 330, modeled after the popular one being installed on the Express 360. Grady-White Club Commodores

Grady-White dealer events in the spring of 2011 plus mostly good weather sparked even greater interest anew in the Grady-White Owners’ Clubs. Thus Grady-White began to organize the first national Grady-White Club Commodores meeting which took place in July and was attended by over 50 commodores and other active club members. The primary purpose of the event was to organize an idea exchange and to see how Grady-White could best foster new and greater club participation. Socializing, idea sessions and break-outs, and a great factory tour highlighted the event. Watch the club commodores meeting video.

Model year 2012 opened with the introduction of the all-new Canyon 271, a super 27-foot center console fish boat that was also very family friendly. The Canyon 271 included features that customers had been asking for, among them being a large and versatile enclosed head area, plus 360° deck level access all around the boat. One always desirable component and a highlight of the Canyon 271 is loads of storage including a huge, 389-quart lounge-style insulated box forward of the console with a divided dry storage area inside. Perhaps because Grady-White was a pioneer in cabin style boats, customers are sometimes surprised to learn that Grady-White has built center console boats for nearly four decades and by model year 2012, with ten models from 18-36 feet, the company offers far and away the most varied and complete line of center consoles available from any single builder. Watch the Canyon 271 video.

FREEDOM 307 with Colored Hull

For the first time since the very early 1970s, also thanks to customer demand, Grady-White began offering colored boat hulls in the 2012 model year, with a sand-colored gel coat option and painted hulls options in a handsome “Sea Glass” green, “Vista Blue” light blue and “Harbor Blue” dark blue. Even with a colored hull, the distinctive Grady-White raised sheer line remaines a product trademark, seen even when the boat is spotted from afar.

In addition to the growing popularity of the versatile Freedom Series dual consoles (and with six models from 19 to 30 feet, Grady-White now offered by far the industry’s largest selection), the company was also proud of the legacy of its center consoles and invested in continuously improving the wide range of terrific center consoles offered in 2012. As a result, early in the 2013 model year, the largest of Grady-White’s Fisherman Series, the Fisherman 257, got an impressive revamp of its console area plus a handsome newly styled integrated T-top. The Fisherman 257 redesign focused on a larger stand-up head with amenities inside the console. The console helm station was redesigned to be more ergonomic and to accommodate the latest flush mount electronics, and a new footrest was added. The crowning touch was a re-do of the optional T-top with more a integrated structure including handholds right where you’d naturally reach.